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When I got my Kill-a-Watt, one of the first things I tested was my hybrid digital audio amplifier. At idle, it uses 1w as expected. Then I turned up the volume. I was surprised just how loud it was when it was up to 2w. I turned it all the way up and I ran out of gain at only 35w input before reaching the limit of the hardware (60w output). (And you bet it was really loud! Maybe I should try the test again with a high quality sound card with 2vpp outputs as opposed to an iPod with 0.5vpp...)

More recently, I tested a new PC power supply with a DC link connection mod. I started with an extra 330uF, 400v capacitor connected to just before the preregulator. (The power supply was powering a 64 bit PC running Survivor from a test disk.) I disconnected the capacitor and the power usage increased, but the amperage draw decreased. I don't know what really is happening.
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