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converting 98 chevy metro to XFI

Hi I have thought about converting my 98 chevy metro to an xfi. I want start by chaingin the camshaft, there is a local shop here in Seattle that grinds the oem cam to xfi spec. But my question is how do I adjust the timming for the new camshaft, the timming on th 98 metro is electronic and is non adjustible according to the book that is the first year the metro uses electronic adjustible timming, so can I just put the xfi camshaft in and will the computer adjust the timming automaticaly??? I just don't think that it will do that automatically. I really hope I don't need the xfi ecu because they are hard to find, or can just swap my ecu for an older metro ecu??? I just don't know about the timming and also what all do I have to adjust to put the xfi cam in?? thanks for any help on this...

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