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When I needed to pee on long 3rd class train journeys through Asia, I'd stop drinking water until the urge to pee disappeared, so I went all day without a pee, and never lost my seat or had to stand up.

Food sellers walked the tracks at stops, so I would pay for and receive food through the carriage window, avoiding the need to move for great lengths of time. Doing the rabbit thing may have been a little disturbing to others on the train, but I could have rigged up some 1 1/2" hoses...

Pregnant rabbits can reabsorb their kittens in times of famine too.

Life on pacific islands is sweet. Tropical fruits grow almost wild and fall into your open mouth, rich volcanic soils, fish are plentiful, clothes are a simple wrap, homes can be built in a day, ukuleles are extremely portable....
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