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Hello -

Got a pair of these a few weeks ago for $10 at Walgreens. They work pretty good. They help my wife because the Saturn seats aren't good for her back. They might not last long, but I shouldn't expect much if I'm not paying much. I've banged my right funny elbow on the metal edge a few times, but I can live with that.

I just realized an exploit I am going to try. I can put freezer "gel packs" inside the webbing. I wanted to do something like this before, but I was worried that I would sit back and break the gel pack (what a mess!!!!!). My idea was to use foam with cut-outs for the gel packs, but I didn't think it would keep me from squishing them. However, the webbing is good at maintaining it's shape, so it *should* protect me from doing that.

If it works, then the only way I think the gel would break is if I got in an accident. In that case, who cares about the gel pack. Ha ha, someone would see the mess of blue gel and might think I'm an alien, .


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