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Nice goin on the tune up. You've hit on a large part of the reason why bikes don't get very good mileage, they seem to be factory set-up to just work OK.

Optimization efforts can reap some pretty significant gains. It's like the dark ages of the automobile (the 1970's) where the manufacturers were struggling in dealing with emissions, gas mileage, unrefined manufacturing methods and just plain cheapness.

Even then, when good mechanics got ahold of a vehicle with free reign, good things could happen. I'd gain some MPG and gas mileage in my 70's and 80's vehicles by just advancing the timing some and using a good strong ignition system.

Just by leaning out the factory overly rich jetting on my Kawasaki I gained about 5 mpg. Others have done some reenginerring on the shaft drive to gear-up the engine, seeing from 2-5mpg increases and less frenetic engine speeds. The good aftermarket "shouldabeen" engineers can make a good difference if done correctly.

Keep it up, you'll probably find even more opportunities to make your bike run like it "shouldabeen" from the factory.
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