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FS: All USED Honda Insight Parts For Sale


Hey, I'm Fabio. I started a thread here (poorly) highlighting my Insight projects:
I like to play with Honda Insights and other fuel efficient cars and I am starting some projects involving Honda Insight Chassis', and Smart ForTwo engines.
My garage currently contains:
3 Insights totally parted out
1 Stripped but running Insight
1 Prius
1 diesel smart engine
1 gasoline (both German market)

I don't need any of the hybrid components, body panels, interior, etc from my Insights. I get more Insights all the time, and I usually am pretty prompt with gutting them and putting parts on eBay. Most of the major Honda Insight parts I have on eBay now, some of the really minor stuff I have not bothered to post.

A breif warning:
I have waiting lists for Engines, electric motors, battery packs, and hoods so I won't be able to get many of those for atleast a couple weeks.. but I will update as I obtain them:
Anyways, here's the major hybrid components I have now:

ALL, but E-MCM (electric motor control module)
Price: $150 for E-MCM, BCM, $50 for all others

Electric engine:
Price: $350

Price: $200 - $1000 based on mileage and completeness

Battery Packs:
1 Junk gen 1, 273 V Prius pack, bad shape, worth less than cost to ship
Price: $400 for typical pack, slightly higher for a low mileage one replaced under warranty

Power Inverters:

Honda Insight:
1 2000 Honda Insight PI, 120k $125
1 2001 Prius PI, 153k $300
1 2003 Prius PI, 125k $400

Unless otherwise noted, assume I have it and send me a message.

My ebay account is here, and most parts are listed:
eBay Seller: the flamboyant seller: eBay Motors items on

My personal, preferred email is:

Important note to do-gooders:
I can sympathize with people who are actively working on serious projects to save the world from evil. If you can convince me of your devotion to saving the world, I'll give you a good deal, possibly even FREE ****, but just let me know--and your project better be mindblowingly breathtaking.

And word of warning:

If you're an OCD nitpicker like me, please realize that many of my parts come from high mileage cars, many wrecked, so few body panels will be in perfect condition. Also, I would prefer not to sell you a perfect door or something to replace yours that is otherwise also perfect minus a scratch.. because well, I want to keep as many Insights on the road as possible, and not many of us like driving cars with no doors! Or maybe there are others like me, I drive an Insight with no doors..

Anyways, there's the scoop. I didn't initially want to do this, but I just added paypal, UPS, and eBay to my "EVIL COMPANIES THAT DESERVE TO DIE" list.. so I'd like to help people out through here as much as I can. I'm not really trying to run a business, but I would like to give the parts I do have, to a more deserving home.. Plus it helps me buy some more cheap diesel engines and Insight chassis', etc..

Well, give me an email if you want a part: PGtheXenon@gmail. Check my eBay listings for pictures, and post a thread here on ecomodders if you want to start a project and want FREE ****.
Also if anyone is in the Toledo, Detroit, Columbus, Cleveland, Cincinatti, area etc.. I'm in Toledo.. we should work on **** together.


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