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...Say what? Sell my diesel engine? I didn't mean to sell that! I just mentioned that because that's what this whole deal revolves around. I bought 4 Insights and 3 Prius' so I could afford to buy 1 diesel Smart engine.
The whole point is to install a diesel in a Honda Insight chassis.

And anyways, you're a crazy mother****er if you don't take the advantage of the oppontunity to by a diesel smart engine.

Here's how I obtained mine.
I rolled out of bed on day, sat down on ebay, saw this crazy guy in La Quinta, Ca selling 10 Smart engines. They were pulled from crash test Smart For Two's tested for the 1st generation smart cars back in 03 - 04. They all had less than 20 miles. He was selling 8 diesels, 2 gas ones. I bought all I could afford--1 diesel, 1 gas, but could not afford to ship them. Consequently, I bought a plane ticket to San Diego, Ca from Detroit Mi and was in California 16 hours later. Then I bought a mother****ing gas guzzingly Dodge pickup, drove to La Quinta from San Diego, picked up the engines then drove back to Ohio. Fun stuff. 9 MPG the whole way. Spent more on gas than the truck itself..

So yeah.. not selling that engine ever.. It's a cool little thing, it's on the subframe with a gas tank, ecus, tranny, wiring, and everything.. I'm pretty estatic--had enough energy to stay up for 4 days straight to drive those back home.

Anyways, sorry for that misconception.. I did make it sound like I was selling my diesel. Sorry! Thanks for the support!
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