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I think one of things that is holding me back and keeping me from utilitzing more hypermiling techniques is the fact that I have no way to control the release of the clutch. It drags quite a bit while coasting and doesn't allow me to maintain speed without applying throttle. I have to be a "hard-to-walk-up-hill" in order to gain any kind of speed on the decent without using the gas. I wish there was someway to solve this issue.

As far as EOC, I can't do that either. I tried it the other day, just to see how the bike would respond. Since the clutch won't disengage unless the engine speed is very low turning the bike off while at speed simply left ti trying to turn the engine without any spark... It was chugging until I came to a stop at a redlight and then gave me a return "POP". I don't think I'll be doing that again. These Chineseum engines are tough but not bullet proof.

To answer some question:

At 60mph I'm hitting 7500-7600 rpm.
The only "real" hypermiling I do is that I coast as much as possible. I keep the bike in the "butter zone" which around 6300 RPM and 45 MPH. She is very responsive and not overworked in this zone. The one time that I broke 60MPG without and modifications was when I went for a long ride one evening and didn't get above this 45 mph zone at all.

In response to BDG73, There is a lot to be said for Per Passenger Miles Per Gallon (PPMPG). I mean, anyone can argue that a Prius with 4 people is more efficient than 4 separate motorcycles. (The Prius would get ~160PPMPG while the motos still only gets ~60PPMPG) But, the fact of the matter remains that people in the US still favor the individual commute to work.

It's very rare to see more than one person in a car on any given day...except maybe Sunday. Ever notice how many fewer cars are on the road on Sunday mornings. You can blame poor attendance or lack of faith but some of it has to do with what happens to congestion if people would just carpool.

Kind of getting off topic....

I can't give you an specific engine specs off the top of my head, but it's just a plain jane GY6 157QMJ engine. That info alone should net you some worthwhile results on Google.
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