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Revolt Open Source DC Controller Beta Testing

I started this thread to hold all the testing details and results that's going on down here in AZ. One location should make it easier to find stuff if someone is curious about past details or whatever.

My car basics:
1989 Toyota Corolla
24x 6v US2200 GC flooded batteries
Impulse 9 (warp)
3750 lb
Curtis 1231c (originally)

The car is an elephant in disguise. Most people are amazed at the 7 batteries under the hood and then are really surprised to find 17 more in the trunk. I built it for my longest commute of a 52mi round trip to the west side of town and back.

The impulse 9 has a lower torque curve than the warp 9, so i think it behaves more like an 8" motor. Starting in 1st gear gives decent acceleration while 2nd gear is pretty slow to get goin.

The Curtis did an adequate job of powering this beast. the whine was annoying and it would often go into current limit mode now that we're into summer. I have a thermal probe in a hole in the heatsink. it's filled with thermal paste near the bottom of the controller - it's pretty good i think, I could see a rise and fall in temp when pulsing the throttle. In the recent hot weather, I saw it get up to 55C in driving around town. Freeway driving is actually less demanding.

More info about the car:
EValbum: Joseph Yanof's 1989 Toyota Corolla
Photos:Picasa Web Albums - Joseph - ecar Album

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