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I just copied this from the other thread:

it works! It took a while to install, but I accomplished a bunch of stuff. I had to move the heatsink out aways to make room for the mounting flanges and while I had everything apart, I tinned the bus bars. I also put together a simple 4 probe temperature gauge. it uses an atmega16 that i had laying around and 4 thermistors and just scrolls through the temperature readings on an LED display.

This shows the rear of the controller with 3 of the 4 probes in the controller. I had one taped to a capacitor, another wedged in between the space above a mosfet, and another wedged in between the space above a diode. I used folded up paper to wedge it in there so that the thermistor was pressed against the top of the mosfet/diode case.

Installed in the car amongst the web of wires...

The temp probe circuit and display just sits in the front seat for now...

The coolest thing for me has to be the silence when moving slow... I'm too used to the curtis and its squeal!

Paul, I noticed the 'bucking bronco' phenomenon that I think you mentioned before. I'd guess that the control loop is acting too fast and gets into an oscillation - it sounds like you have it worked out, so i'm anxious to try out the new loops.

The accelerator position = torque thing is quite different. I'm used to having to press the pedal ever so slightly and then press further and further to go faster and faster. Now, it's almost the opposite! I have to press the pedal deeply and then release it as the car accelerates.

I only took a few trips around the neighborhood (got a little late), but i did get a little bit of temperature data. Ambient temp = 34C. I did 8-10 accelerations to 25 mph pulling 200-400 amps each and I noticed the mosfet and diode temp get up to about 60C while the cap temp seemed to stay lower in the low 40's (don't remember). I want to double check the accuracy of my probes, but I think they're pretty good.

More testing to come!
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