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Okay Ivy League boy, your project sounds like it could warrant some help. I'll probably be headed to NH in a couple weeks to deliver an Insight ICE, while I'm there I'll definitely want to meet with you. I presume you're still living in NH.. ?
Also, I'll be in NYC and the surrounding area for the majority of this weekend.. I might have a Insight with me too.

I'm not too enthusiastic about dealing with an east coast rust bucket though.. I know you love your CRX, and I would too.. but don't you think you can do a little better.. ? Wouldn't the CRX guts in an Insight chassis be a little more exciting?

We can work something out I'm sure, but feel free to throw out your thoughts openly on these forums. Also, I don't like making plans.. I prefer to actually just "do", so hopefully you don't have commitments up the ass like most Ivy kids.
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