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Originally Posted by Thalass View Post
I just found this out: The Ontario government wants to have a $10,000 rebate for plug-in hybrid and EVs. So far it seems to be aimed at new cars - the Volt in particular. Of course it's been greeted with criticism.

Perhaps they could be talked into extending it to conversions, too? If it can I might be able to take advantage of that - I might be living in Ontario in a few years :P
I hope so, but I sort of doubt it.

So far, the Ontario government hasn't really been all that supportive of EVs. It was only this past month or so that electric bikes were permanently legal in the province.

The Ontario government has essentially banned the Low-Speed Electric Vehicle category by instituting random new safety requirements no product currently meets, even Ontario's own ZENN.

However, the green plates that were also announced should apply to all "E" fueled vehicles in the province.
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