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1NZ-FE (Year 2) - '05 Scion xA RS 2.0
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1NZ-FE (Year 3) - '05 Scion xA RS 2.0
90 day: 35.32 mpg (US)

1NZ-FE (Year 4) - '05 Scion xA RS 2.0
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1NZ-FE (Year 5) - '05 Scion xA RS 2.0
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1NZ-FE (Years 6,7,8) - '05 Scion xA RS 2.0
90 day: 28.6 mpg (US)

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Suggestion to

Ok so you know I recently started the "Top 10" thread and it was already being worked on. And I am just trying to think of how may be able to be a just a little more than the very simple (not that I'm complaining at all) website that it is.

So my suggestion is, when I was REALLY into my Fiero I used to go to a certain website that had a very small section of wallpapers that were about the Fiero. Maybe Ecomodder can have something like that? Just a small section of wallpapers (since lets face it, we all want one right?) and they can be made up of pics the users of this site created? They can be like wallpapers, or Hypermiling wallpapers, exc... ?

Think this is a good idea?

Think we could use a chat room for quick help on how to set up or calibrate vacuum gauges, MPGuinos, Kiwis, ScanGaugeIIs?

Maybe you can comment and tell about any changes you think Ecomodder should have in your opinion? Or maybe you like it the simple website it is?

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