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mcudogs: Nice work, PCB looks good.

I'd suggest an alteration that seems right, but I'm not sure it's necessary.
On the 1B top layer, the negs of the capacitors are on isolated islands. I'd connect them with a horizontal band at the top edge, about 0.50" so that you have a 5-fingered comb (B-) pointing down, and a 4-fingered comb (B+) pointing up.
Adjust the bottom layer so that you have a 4-fingered comb (B+) pointing down, and a 5-fingered comb (B-) pointing up. You also have the opportunity for 4 more B- vias.

It came to me while considering current balancing-equalizing, and all those opportunities to short B+ and B-.

It seems there should also be a fabrication drawing, with dimensions, hole sizes and conditions, notes, etc.

A question I would pose: Is current flow affected by sharp corners on a PCB trace? I know corners can be an issue with high frequencies. How about high current?

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