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Mpguino Rebooting and Freezing but...

Hey everyone. I installed my Spiffie mpguino kit on my civic 2-3 weeks ago. Since day one I have never been able to use any of the screens except Big Tank MPG and Big Current MPG. All other screens eventually reset a few times or lock up and I have to unhook power to reboot it again. I notice the issue only happens while the car is running. I can drive the car from home to work, then when I park the car and turn the key off toggle through the different screens with 0 issues. I can even leave it on any screen I want over night without it freezing up or rebooting. So at this point I can never see instant mpg or gph while driving.

I have it installed with a ground to the chassis. Constant power through the ecu's backup power source(12v battery power at all times), vss on ecu, and injector #1 on ecu. I have tired while someone is driving the car to see if I can put pressure on the different components to see if I have a bad solder connection somewhere on the mpguino itself. Everything feels really solid and I am confident in my soldering job. Lastly, I noticed I am running V.73 if that makes a difference. I'd rather not have to mess with installing the latest version unless you all really feel it will help with my issues. I wanted to add that I do not have it in any sort of case at the moment and it does not feel hot or warm to the touch.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.



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