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Personally, I think a better solution is to just have one thread, preferably some sort of sticky, designated to each of those things. I don't think there's a need to create a whole new section for wallpapers when the forum is already designed to properly show images. vBulletin has become pretty versatile in what it can do with forums, and I feel that adding separate sections is kind of a waste of resources, especially for a forum like this. If it were a 100k+ member forum, then going through one thread of pictures would take a while, but this is a smaller forum, and I wouldn't expect a wallpaper thread to get too big, at least not for a while.

The chat room idea is great for the first time somebody gets help setting up their gauge, but when the 5th person needs help with the same thing, it ends up being better suited for a forum topic/sticky, not a chat room discussion. If somebody were willing to wait in a chat room for someone to have a problem setting up something like that, I'm sure they'd be just as willing to make a new sticky about how to do it, so that people can learn how to do it without needing to ask for the help. Sure, it'd be great to not have to go through all the extra info in a thread to find the stuff you need, but if you need the information, and nobody's in the chat room, then you have to go through it anyway. Creating a sticky for calibration of those things (or any other DIY/HowTo, for that matter), or incorporating the wiki sounds like a better option to me.

That being said, I'm not opposed to a chat room - just opposed to a chat room with the intentions of providing technical help, as I really do feel that a forum environment is better for that, to get the most outside help possible.
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