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Originally Posted by H4MM3R View Post
That is something I remembered from reading about aero and cars over the years. I will see if I can find a link or something that will quantify it.

trebuchet03~Good idea.
Here's the numbers based off experimental data collected for a Metro.

The cD, cRR, Mass and A values in here

At 40mph (17.88 m/s) @ 25C ambient temp
RR = 23.37 pounds (1000kg*.0106 -> converted from N to
AeroD = 36.214 pounds

At 25mph (11.7m//s) @ 25C using the 1350lb curb weight (1200lb for the NEV + 150 for 1 occupant) - I'm going to assume it has identical cRR and cDA to the Metro (I don't have the data - so this is just like we've reduced the weight of the Metro to that of the NEV)
RR= 14.31 pounds
Aero = 14.13 pounds

Ha - that's funny that it's .13 and .31 So it's pretty damn even. But again, an all or nothing attitude will result in neither As they're already using lightweight components for the frame and body - it will likely be more expensive to start using more exotic materials.... But, my point is - 40mph is rather arbitrary...
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