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RandomFact314 -

Originally Posted by RandomFact314 View Post
Yeah the only problem I am having with my little lumbar support things is that they slide into the crack of the seat and I have to pull it up every time, I need to think of a way to keep it from doing that. I thought of the gel pack Idea too but I never tried it b/c I didn't know if it would just be too cold and I don't want to get my seats wet. Maybe a small fan that runs off a 9 volt or something back there would be nice?
I tried another gel-pack without the "bandage" covering and it does sting. It's very cold. I will monitor to see if I get a lower-back rash, but at this point it's still worth it to me. When I get to work I don't fell sticky.

It does make the seat a bit wet, but it's a context thing for me. It was already getting damp from sweat, so "condensation wet" is fine with me. And I am using it when it's hot, so it evaporates quickly.

I have a 12V DC/5 AMP bilge pump fan I could use, but it's too noisy at 5 AMPs. I'd need to use it at a lower amperage (I have a DC motor controller for that too). I might give that a whack.



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