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There seem to be a lot of theories, but like I said, the Hucho book is a good reference with lots of pictures and wind tunnel data. If you want hard data, that's the way to go. If you want a good rule of thumb, 15 degrees for the trailing end, underbody panneling, wheel skirts, and closing off your grill as much as possible seem to be agreed upon for the most part. If you look at the top of the page, you can go to the 60 + mods and you can read until things start making sence. It took me a long time to start aero-modding because I wanted to get it perfect the first time, but it's way faster to just try something and see what happens. I have added a half grill block, underbody panneling front and rear (not center since that's fairly smooth), and a windshield wiper block and I have been getting between 6 and 8 percent better gas milage compared to my previous best. I think I know enough on the subject to just go forward with making mods and not worry so much about over-researching things before. If you come here often, and read a lot you'll get there too... And finding a copy of Hucho's book wouldn't hurt either. Here's a tip, check at your local library, if they don't have it, try intra-library loan. That's all for now.
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