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Trailer tires are designed for trailers. There is no consideration given to handling - braking, cornering, etc. Plus there is indeed a speed limitation on these tires - 65 mph.

Consider for the moment: A 4.80-12 Load Range C has a load carrying capacity of 785 pounds at 60 psi. A 175/70R13 (a pretty common but pretty small tire) has a load carrying capacity at 1036 # at 35 psi. That's quite a difference.

Why do you suppose that car manufacturers put such large capacity tires on their cars? Surely the cost alone would be a disincentive. They must know something more about tires than what is written on the sidewall.

And indeed they do. The more capability the tire has, the more safe it is. This applies to almost anything.

Let's face it - a tire failure on a trailer is just not as dramatic as a tire failure on a car.
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