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rear spoiler

Originally Posted by chuckm View Post
OK, here's a profile picture of the corolla.

Like I mentioned, I am planning to cover the upper grill and most of the lower grill. Also, I'm going to add the belly pan, smooth hubs and rear wheel skirts (probably). I haven't decided on the front wheel skirts.

But I'm wondering, am I missing something?
Looking at your car from this view leads me to believe that a rear spoiler would help at highway speed.------------- If you can find a flat level spot to park the car,lay a straight edge across from your trunklid to the top of the car.------------------ If the angle,as measured from the horizon,is any steeper than say 13-degrees max.,then you probably have separated flow behind your roof which is not re-attaching ( like a Lancer).--------------- A simple bent sheetmetal spoiler,angled up no steeper than 30-degrees,and tall enough such that it just intersects,say a 12-13-degree line coming down off your roof,should get you flow re=attachment and lower drag.------------------------- Better to compare it to the streamlining template,as this would give you a more accurate appraisal.See Project" permanent Kammback for Metro" or "Aerodynamic Streamlining Template".
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