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Photo-update #1 "FrankenViking"

Al scanned 4-images of the trailer project for me.The tail is already out of date as I got 6.5 hours in on it last Sunday.I'll get pics of that soon.--------------------------------- The outline is basically defined now in steel.After final welding I can begin to add skin to nose,belly, and sides, as well as panel in the new 22-degree Mair tail.I've run plumb-bobs,levels,straight-edges and protractor over the whole thing.Nowhere does the geometry of the body exceed critical angles.-------------------- The exit wake comes in at 1.4-square feet compared to 29 for the standard truck.Flow was clean with the boattail,so should be clean coming onto the trailer body.------------------------- Everything else gets fairings.--------------------------- The numbers are getting scary.I've been turning over every rock I could find to find supporting research in fluids to help extrapolate what the crazy thing might do.Even if I do very conservative doubling of Cds for axle,wheels,leaf-springs,the truck/trailer combo comes in below Probe-V,and by a margin.------------------- Road load at 70-mph is 19.369-horsepower compared to 43.413 for the T-100.---------------------- September seems to be racing at me.Time will tell what sort of state-of-completion I achieve by roll-out.----------------------------------- Sorry! I've used my 1.10MB of space and no capacity for any more attachments,so it may be another week before I can get help.
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