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Originally Posted by Gibsonvair View Post
JeremyinIndy: Are you in Indy? I live in Frankton, Indiana, but work in Indy. By the way, two of your cars have the engine in the wrong end!
Yeah I am, the name would be kinda silly otherwise. Plus it's the one I was already using on a couple other car forums. (fox chassis fords, vw kitcar, a gm one...)

Perhaps they do have it at the wrong end, but I'd much rather have the engine in the wrong spot than the driven wheels!
I almost snagged the Corvair engine out of a wrecked 2-door that was in my grandmothers garage; but the more I looked into it, a more wicked VW engine can be built lighter, cheaper... (or the electric thought has rattled around my head a couple times)
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