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Danish women driver achieves 589 km/l World Champion (around 1600mpg)

2009 Shell eco marathon winner here: 2009

That 1973 winner Opel's 376mpg could be near achievable in that configuration? Maybe not, but, naaa....

I was at a radiator shop today talking with the foreman about how my van stays so cool. He panicked and was gob smacked about how I didnt have a cooling fan on the radiator, but he settled after we ran the already hot engine on idle for 15min and he saw it never got hot. After a bit he suggested I try a hotter thermostat to try and raise the running temp a tad, also adding it may be stuck open.

I think one of the reasons why we dont superheat mums family wagon is reliability and safety. Hoses melt, metals break down and things go BOOM!!

Also then profit margin improvements are better for funeral companies than olive oil companies

I suppose the state would save on pensions?

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