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40mpg Possible in a 98 Buick Lesabre 3.8?

Well now I need to probe the group here.

My last 3 tanks of real attempts to hypermile on my 105mile trip to work have netted (per the scanguage) 35.5mpg, 36.8mpg and now 37.8mpg.

Sadly each tank had a massive amount of in town driving which blows in this car, I am lucky to break 25mpg in town, many times around 20mpg

Has anyone beat 40mpg in a buick? I can get 39-42mpg steady state on 5-10mile stretches of flat road so I assume it may be possible.

Sad part is DWL only works going DOWN hill, up I have to throw it out the window somewhat to prevent my car from reaching the magic 47mph as it starts wanting to downshift bad.

Any suggestions for in town? Acceleration still isn't masted here or maybe it just isn't possible.


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