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Originally Posted by outsidethebox View Post
In N.E. area around Batesville, AR. Are you making bio diesel?

I have about 500 gallons of oil that's been sitting for a couple of years. I took a sample and made a liter. I used the 80/20 method and it converted well. I will be making fuel in the fall when business slows down. I need to react my oil before it goes bad.

I've been collecting some diesel engines over the past few months. An 8KW genset is in the works. I have 2 engines I want to use in conversions. I'm looking at some Yanmars too. I found a couple of fellows with over 200 engines in various conditions ranging from used runners, Part engines, cores, to new freight damaged. The latter need simple repairs, like crushed injector lines replaced. Valve covers with punctures, cracked covers that need to be welded.

In order to get the best deal, buying 8-10 units is the way to go. I'm collecting diagnostic tools necessary to evaluate the engine's performance. The pics I've seen are of very beautiful tier 4 16 valve turbo diesels. Enough rambling for now.

Anthony Grantham
Memphis TN
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