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Speaking of portion sizes... there is a place in NYC that makes Pastrami sandwiches with the express intent of their customers NOT being able to finish the 1+lb sandwich. It's quite disturbing and wasteful.

I say screw society. I went to the Chinese restaurant in town a few weeks ago, and while my wife and I were sharing a plate, the family seated behind us ordered an entire platter of General Tso's Chicken, but never touched it. The waitress came out to clean off the table, and as she was cleaning up around it, I grabbed the plate and placed it on my own table. I then called a friend of mine, who was greatly appreciative of the free chicken feast he was just given by some wasteful family.

As a means of survival, I've literally eaten garbage. As a means of just being cheap, I've salvaged "expired" food from dumpsters. In fact, there was a whole group of people "caught" doing so behind a grocery store local to me. That grocery store now locks up their trash bins. They actually got mad, saying that "if we let you take our garbage, you'll just wait for us to throw it away." They pressed charges on several people for theft by unlawful taking (of garbage).

Instead of letting those who couldn't otherwise afford it, have it, they're more interested in maintaining a profit margin. Shameful, at best. I still do it on occasion, but not nearly as often as I used to, due to increase police presence in the area. Meanwhile, most of the things I own used to be someone else's garbage, including Cara.

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