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Food waste is epidemic... all pervasive... it's... just... so.... MADDENING!!!

I've worked in the restaurant industry. People will order an x-large pizza, eat two pieces out of it, and send the rest to the dumpster. WE OFFERED SMALLER PIZZAS!!! If it only happened once, I wouldn't have brought it up. But it happens ALL THE TIME. Restaurants DO offer smaller portions, or try to... then nobody buys them. I ate out with a (scrawny) couple who both ordered the same entree, then they both proceeded to eat just a tiny portion (no complaint about the order), then they both left the bulk of it for the dumpster. DAH! Restaurants will glady split an order and bring another plate. Or box it up for you to take home. I just knew that those two made a regular habit of nibbling then tossing the rest.

Buffets!!! I wonder what the stats are there for food consumed vs. food wasted!!! They should charge extra if the customer doesn't clean their plate (or, charge all customers the same but give a rebate for those who clean their plates). OMG. I've seen families literally empty an entire bin of an item (ex. eggrolls, or shrimp) then leave it on the table virtually untouched when they go. Or- rather- if there are kids (anyone under 25 ) the remaining food is all over the floor.

I've personally grabbed food from other tables in restaurants too. Hey, if I observed the patron the whole time and I know it's untouched, and they didn't sneeze all over it, then I'm all over it. You should see the looks of shock and disgust I've gotten by doing that. Actually, what should be shocking is that almost nobody DOES do that.

I'm a farmboy, alright? I love farm animals. We had crops too. I know the work it takes to produce commodities. It makes me LIVID when people treat food so callously, ESPECIALLY meats. Taking a bite out of a sandwich and tossing the rest means that poor animal gave it's life in vain. There shouldn't be any legal penalty for me if I go kick someone's *** for wasting meat, should there? If there was any justice there wouldn't be.

Reminds me- I was out for supper yesterday and when I arrived at the restaurant on my electric bicycle I parked next to an SUV, which I noted was idling and there was nobody in it. OK, so I order, wait, eat, take my time, all that. Finally I leave and that damned SUV is STILL idling. They must have wanted to run the A/C? Well it was 75 and dry out!!! It took all my willpower not to approach Mr. Idleballs and tell him "Did you know the U.S. has 3% of the world's population yet consumes 50% of the world's energy?" but I refrained because... well... who am I to ruin some stranger's dinner out? And would that have the desired effect anyway? Was I wrong to let it slide? What I'd really like to do is go in there, shut it off and grab the keys, and throw them on the nearest roof. But then I'D be the one in trouble! Go figure!

Dumpsters- ya know, I never set out to be a dumpster diver; it just happened by accident. There is SO MUCH in there that's perfectly good that the crime is in NOT taking it and properly utilizing it. As noted above, local bidnesses frown on diving and have gone to compactors, completely removing outside access to the goodies. They suck. It's not like they lost any sales. I wasn't going to purchase any of that stuff in the first place, and I don't go in there to purchase it now, and as far as that being "theft", well by putting it in the dumpster they essentially declared it was waste to them right? But I was more than happy to salvage it.

It's not a question of what I can afford. I can buy tons of crap just like everybody else. I just have this thing about waste I guess.

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