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Originally Posted by 99LeCouch View Post
I've come close several times. Best I've seen is 39.5 on the SG doing about 60-65 over ~145 miles. I did see a 38 mpg tank over 600 miles driving up I-95 earlier this summer.

~62 mph seems to be the car's sweet spot for 4th. It can climb hills just fine then.

In-town, get to 30 mph and back off, let the torque converter lock up in 3rd.
I agree that 60ish is optimal for FE, except when there are tons of hills then lower works better.

I have been able to get around 35ish at steady state in 3rd but at around 35mph give or take. Trouble is any acceleration royally drops FE and coasting doesn't recover it all.

Too bad there isn't a manual transmission for one of these

Anyway I finally had a BAD highway trip to antigo, ideal roads but the car wouldn't cooperate, I was very lucky to average 31.2mpg on the scanguage for the in trip and 36.4mpg on the out trip. There were crosswinds and head winds which normally aren't a biggy but this time I just couldn't urge the car to get much more than 34mpg even going downhill.

With all the terrible in town MPG I will have mixed in thanks to my new job haveing me going here there everywhere I expect this tank to be dismal.

I am really missing my electric car that is still in wausau.

Anyone EOC this car? It seems that there is a method of flat towing it without the motor running continously, any ideas?


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