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Hills I dropped to ~60 and ground it out. I found that much lower gets the engine out of its torque curve so it burns more fuel to go.

NICE-on coasting down the backsides works nicely. I also do a ton of NICE-on coasting in-town. Last fillup with 80% in-town driving was 23 mpg. Although I'm at a weak 18 mpg right now since my car's going to sit, and I wanted the internals all coated in Marvel Mystery Oil before it sits for about a month.

How recently have you drained/filled the transmission? They really like short intervals on the fluid. I noticed mine will shift to 3rd at 27 mph before I drained/filled it back at 30k miles, and that dropped to 24 mph very soon after a series of drain/fills.

Also, shutting the car off at lights is a mixed bag since it goes open loop for 10-15 seconds after you restart, negating the fuel saved by shutting it off for a short time.
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