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Hi Marvhein,

Its great to hear from another Jag owner interested in maximizing fuel economy. I have posted on Jaguar forums and often get blasted for my modificiations " ruining the ride and appearance of a premium luxury sports sedan".
Besides my aero mods posted on this thread ( grille block, front tire deflectors and passenger mirror removal) I have increased the tire pressure to 42 psi all around , recently added a WAI ( warm air intake ) and am stilling considering adding more undercar streamlining.
While these mods have been beneficial, the biggest gains are from modifying driving behaviour ( maximize coasting, avoid braking, reduce speed, anticipate stops and slowdowns, minimize idling, etc. ). We are fortunate to have excellent instrumentation in our cars and I have found the trip computer's instanteous MPG and MPG average indicators to be pretty accurate and definitely effective ( less than 1 mpg optimistic). All this has lead to my current 27-28mpg/tankfill status for mixed commuter driving with high tankfills of over 36 mpg. I'm confident I'll soon be getting 30 mpg/ tankfill shortly.
My last road trip to the Las Vegas NASCAR races produced my best tankfills averages so far ( 36mpg+ and 34mpg ). Its a great destination and always a lot of fun.
Let me know if I can be of further assistance and check out my garage posting.
Best wishes, L&S
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