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hi from the netherlands europe

let me introduce myself before i start commenting in the forum .
im ronald bakker from the netherlands europe and one of my hobbies is old american iron .
boooooh hissssss yeah i know there gasguzlers and not realy enviromently friendly i dont drive them often at this moment as gas over here is about 11 dollar per gallon ( think about that when filling up in the states ) , one of the chevy trucks i own is actually converted to propane , propane is big over here mainly because its a thirth of the price of normal gasoline , electric vehicles have some taxadvantages but there not enough to put the masses in them , not a lot of priuses driving here (btw a polo diesel driven normaly actually runs cheaper in money per mile than a prius doing the same how funny is that ) and the only electric vehicles here are 3 wheel and 4 wheel scooters driven by the handicapped and old folks not giving it a realy hot image golf isnt realy big here and golfcarts even rarer.
for daily transport i drive a 1400 cc opel astra station, you have those cars in the states too but i forgot under wat brand they sell them there , i think the name brand actually was astra .
its an older car and does about 11 km per liter in the city .
i know car mecanics and i might be able to help some of the lesser mecanics with some info on brakes removing engines the normal car electrics (wipers horn lights heating that sortah stuff ) and im mostly on the forum to study on electric conversions and trying to get some data on homebuild controllers for the higher voltages cause these things are the most expensive of an electric vehicle when you buy them of a manufacturer .
i have enough used body parts to actually put together a second pickuptruck and im playing with the idea to make it electric and run double batteriepacks (one for the trip too and one for the trip back ) so i whont run the risk of having to push the truck back home and making the car as quick as a gas operated car .

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