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Originally Posted by ih freak View Post
Is your 850 turbo or non-turbo? Mine is the non-turbo. I love the car though...300 thousand miles and still ticking.
Non turbo. Check this out
You'll most likely pickup some MPGs in the process and you should be able to run on 87 octane most of the time without a problem.

Originally Posted by robchalmers View Post
is Octane a Universal rating?? just I think we're a it spoiled over here our 'regular' is 95Oct and 'premium' 98-99 depending on supplier.
No. In the US octane is calculated by the formula (RON+MON)/2. In the UK and most of the world its simply RON.

Our 87 octane is equivalent to your 91-93 and our 92 is around 95-97 in the UK. Generally speaking the US has lower octane gasoline than the UK and europe but the difference is not as big as the raw numbers would suggest.

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