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Originally Posted by The Atomic Ass View Post
I've been thinking on my electric car design again...

(And for those that do not worship the ground I walk on and thus have no idea what I'm talking about, (heathens), my electric car design is a ground-up build, with 4-wheel hub-motor drive, 4-wheel steering, 50KWh battery capacity, seating capacity of 6 AND a huge trunk, all wrapped in an aerodynamic shell with a planned curb weight of ~2,500 lbs. Yes, it is still a twinkle in my eye, bite me).

Anyway, I got to thinking about wheels. Looks will be a non-concern on this vehicle, as the wheels and tires will be hidden inside of the bodywork. So I got to thinking about using the smallest wheels possible, for weight reduction as well as altering the ratio on the direct-drive hub motors.

Now my design calls for high-performance, so occasionally I'll be launching off at 150KW, and reaching speeds well into the triple-digits.

How small can I go? I'm thinking there are still some viable tire options at 13", but I'm thinking of going even smaller. How about 10? 8? Is anything made other than low-speed trailer tires at these sizes?
At 100mph high speeds with 2500lbs you will need serious rubber just for safety, let alone required high performance. Minimum would be 185 13" 's I'd guess. How far will a 50kwh capacity battery travel with these power and weight demands?
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