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Originally Posted by blowncurtice View Post
I am trying to cut the cost of the controller for myself, having said that I still want a very good reliable controller, hence I would go for the larger power capacitors in the latest version. I believe that someone on the forum is advocating extruded alloy plates bolted together for the case, this would probably have better heat transfer properties than sheet alloy bent to form a case like the one from Hondo,but I can get an alloy case bent up for no more than $15.00 and another$5.00 for a good base plate, combine this with an alloy heat spreader and I may not have the gold plated version but I think it will serve my purpose. I have a 1985 Camira station wagon,kerb weight with no passengers is 1135Kg, I have a 9" advanced DC motor and drive conservatively I try not to exceed 200amps and most of my driving is highway at about 80KPH this pulls less than 100Amps cruising and is mostly below 50Amps. I will have a case bent up tomorrow and post a photo and a better idea of cost, this may not help our friends in the US as postage would probably be expensive and those of us in Australia may be able to get it made localy cheaper or if they prefer make one from extruded aloy but for those interested this may be an option.
Anodizing adds to the heat emissivity of the aluminum. Darker colors (black) are better but any anodize is better than oxide. Also, I'm an EE and thermo was one of the only ME classes I was required to take. I may have my terminology wrong but this is one point that stuck with me. Another thing is it's not mainly the thickness it's the surface area. This is why they cut fins, etc. The more surface area, the more radiant capability.


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