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How-To: Honda CRX Rear Wiper Delete/Removal

I had to buy the Honda plug off of ebay for $15 since Honda didn't have any in stock. If there is an HF in the junkyard near you it should be easy enough to pick one up, but I'm not that lucky.

Begin by popping off the covering.

Then take off the 12mm bolt holding the arm on.

It took a little bit of wrenching to get off but try to be careful.

Yay, it's off!

Now we need to go inside to remove the wiper motor.

First you need to get the plastic off, which is a pain. Remove the brake light cover, unbolt the brake lights, and then you'll need to pry off the sides first. After that there are some big metal clips angled parallel to the hatch glass holding the plastic on on the side closest to the rear-view glass. You'll want to careful pry the plastic up towards the roof of the car, as if you were trying to slide the plastic piece up. After you do this you can see the wiper motor, which you will need to unbolt.

Once unbolted, remove this cap.

Unscrew the big nut, the last thing holding the motor up. 23mm.

Be careful if you close the hatch, I smashed one of my brake lights.

Really fine glass got everywhere.

Don't forget to unplug the motor.

And there you have it, the motor.

Now you have a hole to fix.

Shove the plug you bought into the hole, and voila!

I would suggest RainXing the window to make sure you have some visibility.

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