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1989 Honda CRX HF for Sale -- 55 mpg

My wife has been nagging me for a few months now to get rid of my CRX. We have three cars now and don't really have much use for this tiny one anymore. If you look at my fuel logs, I have gotten up to 55 mpg with this car. I think someone taking this on as a hobby could make some significant improvements to this number.

1989 CRX HF - High Fuel Efficiency model
1.5L SOCH with a manual transmission
1,830 pounds

199,000 miles on original engine

Engine runs well but (I think) has a small leak in the O-ring which causes it to burn a small amount of oil every few thousand miles

New starter put in last year

Valve clearance has been adjusted to factory specs

New clutch and much lighter flywheel -- The flywheel was just installed and I haen't had a chance to drive enough to see what difference it made, but it should be a good amount better.

New front brake shoes put in last year

Intake manifold ports were cleaned out last year along with the entire throttle body.

New exhaust from the catalytic converter back -- I have the muffler that it came with and the guy that sold it to me told me he paid over 600 for the tailpiece. If you want a car that sounds like a lawnmower, you can have that too.

New serpentine belt last year

No coolant leaks, and I think there is some sort of honda civic radiator that was put in before I owned the car.

It came with LED headlights. I think they might be called eurolights, or something like that.

Here are the problems that I know of:

I put in a heater control unit a while back. I didn't want to spend the 200 for a new CRX unit, so I spliced together one from a mid-90s accord. The slider to adjust for cool/hot is not connected. To get heat, you have to manually flip the valve inside the engine bay when winter starts.

The rear defrost did not work when I bought it so I put an aftermarket one on. It worked over the winter, but one of the sides is peeling off.

There is no key for the hatch (that is better than when I bought it when I found out there was no working key for the doors...)

The accelerator cable was not hooked up right after replacing the clutch. I am assuming this is an easy fix. At the moment, the odometer does not change and neither toes the speedometer.

The fuel guage works most of the time, but not all. I go by my trip odometer when filling up.

The hood release cable is busted. There is a cable in the car that you have to pull with pliers instead of being able to lift on the lever.

The stereo looks like crap. It was glued? in place. It works if though, if that's important to you.

I am trying to be as honest as I can, so that list of things that need work may seem long. Basically, this car is in good mechanical shape, has some typical rust that you would see on a 1989 car, and isn't too pretty on the inside.

I am asking $1,150 for it, which is way less than what I paid for it a year ago.

I live in Madison, Wisconsin and you would have to come to pick it up. PM me if you are interested.

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