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Originally Posted by The Atomic Ass View Post
I won't have brake rotors, so that's not an issue. I'll be downsizing my hub motors, but I don't believe that to be an issue either, as my estimated 65mph cruise will be 10KW. Acceleration can be dealt with through water cooling.
What if your batteries are full and you *need to stop*?

No, you'll want the braking system to be able to generate 1000 HP or so, and you'll want it to be operable even if driveshafts break, electrics fail, and you lose power from the motor(s).

And wait a minute, you're going to water cool four hub motors? Two flexible coolant lines to each wheel, a water pump, an unaerodynamic radiator, umpteen gallons of coolant at 8lbs/gal...

There are very sound engineering reasons why most of the electrics on the road are tiny, low-performance machines. Start small.

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