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MDS = Multi Displacement System.

...non-firing cylinders shouldn't need cooling because (except for ring friction) there's no combustion heat being generated...but, there *is* compression heat however.

...and, "raw" gasoline will actually dissolve the lubricating oil film off the rings, causing metal-on-metal friction wear.

...some of the new engine computers actually do shut off all fuel injectors during deceleration (ala' diesels) because (a) saves fuel and (b) reduces exhaust emissions (zero IN = zero OUT).

...on my SIDI Toyota-made 2ZR-FE engine, there's a VERY noticable "back-off" when I lift the throttle and seemingly all injection stops (I'm not sure if it's 100%, 99%, or even 50%).

SIDI = Spark Ignition Direct Injection, diesel-like injection directly into cylinders rather than intake manifold or behind values. (similar to GM's 260 hp Turbo 2.0L engines)

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