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Originally Posted by taredog View Post
Originally Posted by Ricketts
Hi Everyone;

New guy here...found this website while trying to find information about the Maxitrip units.

I bought two of them from Princess Auto in Winnipeg (good return policy) at the sale price of $99.95cdn each. I also own a Scan Gauge 2 which I had been moving between my three vehicles (I bought a couple of extra OBDII cables when I bought the SG2).

These are my findings (sorry for the long post):

- Maxitrip will not work with existing SG2 cables, pinouts of the RJ45 connector are different. I had to re-route new cables (no biggie).

- Display colour cannot be changed like the SG2 (no biggie).

- After shutting off the vehicle and then restarting afterwards, the display does not return to the screen I was on when I shut it off. I have to press the "Trip" or "Gauge" button again.

You can set the display but your choices are limited to "menu " or "current trip"

Good to know

I cannot customize the display to show all the parameters I want. I want RPM, Coolant temp, Speed, and fuel consumption (litres per 100 kilometers, LHK) On the "Gauge" display, I can get everything I want, except LHK. The only place I can get the LHK readings are under the "Current" display for "Trip", so I have to keep switching between the two displays. (Biggie)

- While in the "Trip"/"Current" display to watch my fuel consumption, I have noticed that the LHK reading will not revert to 0 when my injectors shut off while coasting in gear. My Scan Gauge indicates 0LHK when coasting in gear in my Miata and my Saturn as my injectors have shut off. The Maxitrip always shows around 1.7 to 2.2 LHK. Having driven the vehicles so much and knowing them well, I can tell the injectors have been shut off when I press the throttle (by the way the cars react). So I know the injectors have shut off, but the Maxitrip does not indicate it. If I put the SG2 back in, it shows 0LHK again.

Noticed that also, though using the MPG readout. Never have seen 9999. Do not have any big high speed hills here. The question here is who's shuckin who? If you are going 62MPH and take your foot off the throttle, do your injectors immediately shut off or is SGII making you feel good?

I think the SG2 is correct because when it is telling me the injectors are off in the Saturn and the Miata, there is more engine braking and I feel a slight "lurch" when I press the throttle again. If the injectors do not shut off, I do not feel the lurch. It follows what the SG2 display indicates. Its harder to detect in the Miata, but easy in the Saturn as I think I need to replace an engine mount, it really lurches. From what I have read, the injectors regularily shut off in a manual tranny OBDII vehicle, not so often in an automatic

This is a big issue, as I regularily use this feature to alter my driving habits to maximize the amount of time the injectors stay off, so this may be a deal breaker for me.

Has anyone else seen this issue? Is there any way to alter this with fuel calibration on the Maxitrip? I did not have to do this with the Scan Gauge, when the injectors shut off, it tells you so.

What fuel calibration? Have you discovered something I haven;t?

No I haven't...that's why I asked if there was a menu setting or something I am missing while setting up the Maxitrip.

Made in China knockoff of the Scan Gauge, but not as good functionality-wise.

Glad I found this site, there is an amazing amount of info here!!


Have you had any more testing time taredog? I'm still debating on keeping them or not, maybe I have just got used to the SG2 too much.


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