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Originally Posted by MadisonMPG View Post
Because he is on a site devoted to saving fuel.
Obviously, you're more concerned with superficial numbers than actually quantifying a gain, considering that this is the second time you've made a comment like this. (That I've read. Gods know how many more times beyond that.)

Check the tag in the sig. Sure, the car only gets <20 MPG with him driving it, but he's getting ~40% better FE than the EPA suggests he should be getting. THAT is the point of this site, to do more with less.

Not everyone is going to go out and get a smaller, more fuel efficient car, some would rather do what they can with what they have.

Maybe he's only driving that car on weekends as a cruiser? Maybe it's a vehicle that he drives for pleasure, or for work, or any number of things that you don't currently know, which could affect the situation.

Meanwhile, you've got a minivan with sub-20's posted to your garage. How is that different?

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