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Originally Posted by RandomFact314 View Post
well the best mpg crx is the 88 and 89 hf according to the epa. I DO however what cruse control and power steering. The problem is I see the worst epa crx is 26 and the best is 45, If I got a crx i want one that will has at least a 40 epa and let me be able to get 50s,60s or more mpg... I do not know how to swap an engine at all so in your opinion what crx should I be looking for? my old crx was a 89 si...... It has to be a 88-91
Cruise and power steering can both be taken from an Si later down the road, if you decided that you still wanted them. Power steering in a CRX makes no difference, though. It's not any harder to steer without it.

The worst EPA rating for the CRX is probably the '91 Si, which is the 108HP and 7200 RPM redline 5 speed model with the rear wiper and extra rear suspension components.

Suppose you probably want a 90-91 DX if you must have PS, but you still don't get cruise. Cruise was Si, if even those had it.

You should still go for the HF, but you can get better mileage even in an Si than you're getting in the Neon, without really trying.

Later on, you can learn how to swap parts over to get what you want from other 4th gen Civics, like power door locks, power windows, power folding mirrors, power steering, etc.

HF's (some) have A/C too.
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