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Originally Posted by bhazard View Post
4 cylinder use only? Wtf?
I actually use one on a V6, the nice thing about harbor freight is that their online price is usually a factor of 10 higher than the in store price, at least if you wait for a sidewalk sale, coupons or in my case clearance.

My fuel magnet was $1.99 and worth every penny, it holds stuff up to the fridge perfectly. (actually I have been using one on my buick lesabre) and I am getting better FE oh but I failed to mention I also got a scamguage at the same time as the magnet. Ah well truth in advertising.

And I do love Harbor Freight for cheap tools that I will probably only use a few times.

Well worth it for an oddity or two as well.

And their $1.99 multimeters were a good deal as well, I now have 4 but one already has a dead battery.
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