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Originally Posted by Old Tele man View Post
...Harbor Freight is to TOOLS, what Radio Shack is to ELECTRONICS, ie: the best/worst of the China-imported products.
I dunno about Radio Shack, their stuff seems constructed well, and I haven't had any problems with any of their stuff. Now JC Whitney carries the worst electronics I've ever seen. Stuff so bad I didn't even know they made it in the first place. The radios my sister and friends bought from them were not even worth installing brand new out of the box. My favorite was the ad for a radio "flashing LED lets thieves know that breaking in isn't worth the effort", ain't that the truth. I also bought a set of crowfoot wrenches from them, some were missing, others were so badly cast that I couldn't even use them. But the tie rod tool I bought from them was decent and has held up well.

I ordered some fog lights on sale from HF once, some were decent, some were super cheap. The winch for my plow was the same as HF sells, after 2 seasons it seized up and I had to tear it apart and clean out the rust, seal the connections, rebuild the motor brushes, and I packed it full of wheel bearing grease. Shouldn't have had to do that but no problems since.

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