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Originally Posted by bones007 View Post
I don't currently have an EV but I am planning a conversion next summer and I was thinking that why not take advantage of the power steering pump that came with my "glider" in the first place. All I need is a motor to turn the pump.

Perhaps a motor like one from an electric lawn mower or some other motor.

Then I thought that it would be nice to reduce the power steering boost when running above a certain speed to avoid wasting energy....I need a controller.

I was thinking that a single mosfet/diode/cap stage would probably be enough for the power steering pump motor. The 12V systems have a peak 60A = 720W. At 120V that current is only 6A for the same power. That should nicely fit into a single mosfet/diode/cap stage.
What about a vacuum cleaner motor?
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