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Originally Posted by jyanof View Post
My potbox wiring does run pretty close to the motor loop wiring, but they don't cross and the two actually do run mostly perpendicular.

Could the diodes be added to the wiring on the potbox connectors (in these beta testing cases where the boards are complete already) and still be effective? They're easily accessible...

I switched back to 16 Mhz and it's working well, but I could add whatever components are required and see if I can get it to freeze up again. I don't miss the 8khz whine though. They have that rubberized asphalt stuff on the highways here in phoenix - virtually zero tire noise. Combine that with nearly zero motor noise and all you can hear is the whir of the vent fan. It's beautiful.
The diodes have to be connected between pin 4 of J1 and gnd and +5v. There is no +5v or gnd on J1 so the only way would be to connect them on the pcb itself. R10 & R4 are connected to pin 4 J1 and are close to the edge of the board and probably the best place to connect the diodes.

I can send you the revised schematic by email if you like.
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