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try this for picking locks

get some 12 inch hacksaw blades and cut them into three pieces.
then look up some pics of lock picks and print em out.
take your cut up blades and your pics and a cup of cold water and head off to the bench grinder. now, you want the back of the blade to be the back/top/ of the pick. start grinding very lightly and slowly on the blades to copy the shape of the pick in your pic you printed. ATTN: only grind for a few seconds lightly and dunk the blade to keep it cool, if it gets hot it will lose temper. these work better than the store-bought picks because they are carbon steel. stiff, flexible, and springy. I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR ACTIONS!!!! costs anout $2 to make a whole set. and the holes in the blades fit a small key ring!
and please grind off ALL the teeth. you don't want to lose a finger.

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