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unknown quantity

Originally Posted by orange4boy View Post
Plumb it is.

I had a piece of 1/8" plexi around so the end is filled with the table saw shaped piece. The sides are black coroplast for now but I think I will pop in the twin wall lexan when I get some more. The bottom is not filled yet but I have some "clear" coroplast which will probably fill that function

Construction details... Drilled and tapped for 8-32 pan head stainless machine screws.

I'm not totally satisfied with the look of this. I think it needs a radius at the end at the top corners and along the lexan seam. I can fix this later. I also want to make a side detail that reflects curves of the stainless scimitar panels.

There she is 90% done and driveable. As a fun design accident, the trailing edge has a trip angle to it.

Wake area reduction is approximately 7 sq feet. from about 28 to 21 so almost 1/3 reduction, if my math is right. It sure will be interesting to see how that feels at highway speed. Who knows what the un-modded bottom half does to the air. We shall see.
Without the lower half she's an unknown quantity.I suspect some trailing vortices as with two points of separation,at different velocities and pressures,it's kind of a setup for that.Does seem like the wake will be positively modified though.Best to you with it and let us know when you get some numbers.
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