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Yep, I see them all the time. Several members of my family are approaching or have already been there. One of them just got gastric bypass surgery, one is about to die of "other causes" (Vietnam Vet - do the math).

All in all, they're fat. I'm not shy about pronouncing their obvious weight disadvantage, either. It's not a matter of "I can't lose weight", it's a matter of "I'm not willing to do what it takes, because sitting on my backside and rotting from the insides out is easier."

I can't wait until there is another generation of people who understand that hard work can be enjoyable if you make it that way. Hopefully, it will come at a time that I'm still alive. Maybe then I'll become social.

Don't get me wrong. I'm lazy. Honestly. But I know that I have to work to make a living (in some capacity), so I do what I have to do. Then again, I'm not worried about making more money than Joe down the street, or living in excess like most of America does.

Oh, look... we're off topic.

Yeah, those Bike-scalators are pretty cool... I'm sure they'd come in handy for even the people who enjoy biking, but would try to make it up a longer hill than they're used to. Get tired, stop, grab the bike-scalator, get to the top, catch a nice breeze on the way down, start riding again.
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