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Big Improvement in Ford F-250 with manual and 7.5l

I ran a quick check of my mpg before I started and it was 11.2 mpg. I read some of the posts and articles on this site and here are the things I did:

1) slow down...instead of 50 mph in a 45-zone, I drove 40. Instead of 72 mph in a 65-zone, I drove 60. Instead of full throttle acceleration I did the 1/2 to 3/4 throttle.

2) Instead of running the gears from 2nd thru 5th, I started skipping a gear when I could. Start in 2nd, rev the engine to about 3,100 rpm and shift to 4th. Same with 3rd to 5th.

So, after these two simple changes my mileage went to 13.6 mpg. I had a lot of town driving and I pulled a horse trailer in town for a little bit, too. Not much I thought...only 2.4 mpg. But, the percentage changed my mind...21.4%!!!!

Amazing how a few simple changes can make a huge difference.

Next thing on the agenda: I aired my tires up to the max tire rating on the sidewall. And, when I do my daily commute of 30 miles on the highway, I'm going to fold my mirrors in and open my tailgate...(JUST KIDDING!). I also will probably remove my windshield wiper arms for a couple of tanks just to see if it makes any difference.

After this test, I hope to have some time to actually mod my truck a little:

a) Build a tonneau cover that covers the back 60% of my bed.
b) Fabricate an air dam for the front bumper
c) Fabricate a sail for the rear of the cab
d) Fill in the gaps in the front of the truck and the sides that could create drag
e) fabricate improved wheel fairings that improve air flow
f) fabricate a more aerodynamic bumper for the front and rear. It seems there are a lot of places to create drag.
g) Fabricate belly pan systems to channel air flow better under the truck.

This is exciting stuff...i must be a nerd. Any tips or links would be greatly appreciated...

Thanks for all the good tips so far...

1995 Ford F-250 HD 4x4
7.5l (460 cu)
Manual transmission

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